I FEEL LIKE I HAVE Been neglecting this blog >_<







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i know that i have been neglecting this blog >_< so here are some pictures to make up for the lost. LOL


2014-01-19 19.23.142014-01-19 19.38.32


these green tea pocky from japan tastes great ! it is not cheap -_- cost quite a lot. but worth it i guess?

2014-01-15 17.53.542014-01-15 17.53.33



You jelly ?

Sorry I couldn’t update much nowadays.  Been at home, since I am unwell.  But probably will go out tomorrow for a movie date with mummy^_^
So forward to my next post ^_^ I will post new things too !

Well, my personal life is going smooth. Hopes it remains so, until the end of my life >< .